Diamond Power
Our Major is the Secret Beyond Our Success
MACE , is a Saudi entity established in 2002 with its head office
in Eastern Province, namely in Al Khobar city, is so pleased to have the chance to be amongst the pioneers in
Saudi Arabia in the field of cutting, punching and drilling reinforced concrete with the most modern diamond
Systems that do not cause any vibrations or cracks in the buildings depending on our long experience.
We perform cutting works by using the state-of-the-art diamond used for the production of straight and circular
cutting as well as cutting RC, ready-made concrete, blocks, asphalt and other materials. We have paid all out
attention and focused on our customers service through performing our tasks in a very rapid manner and with
unlimited accuracy. Therefore; we have created three features for the work:
All diamond cutting equipment are approved by the biggest consultants in the world because they have no bad
impact on buildings the matter does not cause any vibration or cracks during and after cutting
Concrete cutting in walls and grounds including opening of doors, windows and elevators doors
Making cylinder opens for electrical installations, plumbing and A/C works as well as materials
Cutting for making openings in walls with special tools
Ventilation openings in kitchens for ducts and exhaust fans installation , especially in case of
ceramics - clad walls or decorated walls that need high accuracy without making any damages in
other places in the wall
Speed in completion
Accuracy in work.
Safety of people and properties at the work site
Our Services
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Trading Services
M.A.C.E  Reached the our target in very short time
We are Joint with big companies & Hospitals and deference projects &  General Construction and  providing Materials &
radding services .  
Our Services : Supply material , Electrical tools , Equipments, Factories and Product lines